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One Community, One Spirit, One Heart

Christian Service Commission


The purpose of the Christian Service Commission is to organize and coordinate parish activities and services that promote the works of justice and charity. Responsibilities of this commission include:

1. Educating ourselves and parish members about world needs and ways to respond that are in keeping with Catholic Social Teaching.

2. Choosing a focus area as needs and opportunities become apparent such as hunger, homelessness, etc.

3. Promoting parish participation in activities that can help alleviate suffering and poverty both locally, nationally and internationally. Facilitating both seasonal and consistent outreach ministries to parishioner and needy Isabella County residents. These are some of the areas that we promote and support:

  • Food collection for Red Cross food pantry
  • Donations of socks and underwear for Christmas Outreach
  • Donations of sweatshirts for the soup kitchen at Christmas time
  • Financial donations to the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen

4. Collaborating with other local agencies and churches whenever possible to increase the positive impact we can have on behalf of justice and charity.

  • Christian Unity Restoration Home – a homeless shelter project for Mt. Pleasant / IsabellaCounty


Christian Service Commission Members:

Mary Beth Roberts
Valerie Maloney                 
Linda Oates
Paulette Green               
Fr. Loren Kalinowski