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One Community, One Spirit, One Heart

Finance Committee


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to aid the Pastor in the administration of parish possessions. Our Finance Committee accomplishes this in three particular ways:

1) meetings to discuss the financials of the parish,

2) annual assistance in preparation of the parish budget, and

3) consultative discussion with the Pastor on matters of major financial impact upon the parish.

This input is important to the Pastor, realizing that the Pastor is ultimately responsible - both in civil and Church realms - for all legal, business, and administrative matters of the parish.

Finance Committee Members:

Jim Wojcik, Chairman
Eric Janes
Mary Lou Schilling
Marty Trombley                   
Bill Myler Jr.
Dave Reetz
Mary Ann Kornexl
Kim Voisin
Cindy Kaliszewski
Fr. Loren Kalinowski