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One Community, One Spirit, One Heart

Finance Council


The Role of the Finance Council is to…

  • Review and understand the financial statements, assets, liabilities and transactions of the parish
  • Assist in preparing the assumptions used to create the parish budget and approve it once completed
  • Review variances from actual financial transactions to budgeted or planned transactions
  • Understand and review internal controls of the parish
  • Assist the Parish Leader in making sound financial decisions for the Parish
  • Assist the Parish Leader with the creation and communication of the annual financial report to the Diocese and the Community
  • Work with the Parish Leader and Parish Pastoral Council to develop long range plans the parish will use to fulfill its mission

Finance Committee Members:

Jim Wojcik, Chairman
Alexa Doerr
Julie McGuirk
Mary Lou Schilling
Bill Myler Jr.
Dave Reetz
James Jones
Mary Ann Kornexl
Cindy Kaliszewski
Fr. Loren Kalinowski