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One Community, One Spirit, One Heart

Current Requests


Donations allow Sacred Heart Parish to strengthen our services, which include operation of the church, our Kinder-Prep through 12 Catholic school, and outreach efforts for the needy.  When you make a donation, you can designate how you would like it to be used, for example:

  • Church operations
  • School operations
  • Capital improvements
  • Tuition assistance
  • Your special area of interest


The Parish always has a list of “special requests” which currently include:

  • Portable, durable coat racks for the church to use for funerals and other occasions ($150 each, two requested)
  • Gas-powered leaf blower ($250)
  • Money for plantings in the flower beds in front of the church, including new perennials and small trees  ($200 or more)
  • Money for new flooring in the Youth Ministry House (call to discuss)