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One Community, One Spirit, One Heart

Group: Walking With Moms In Need

At Sacred Heart Parish we have joined this nationwide effort entitled, Walking with Moms in Need (WWMN). This initiative is a process through which Catholic parishes and communities "walk in the shoes" of local pregnant and parenting women in need.

Our Parish has begun to assess, expand, and communicate resources to pregnant moms and families in need. Everyone should know how to help moms under challenging circumstances.

“Don't forget, it was the Catholic Church that helped start the pro-life movement after Roe v. Wade and it's going to be the Catholic Church that is going to need to be at the center of the reforms that are now necessary.” - Brian Burch

While not trying to turn Catholic parishes into pregnancy centers, we can support local pregnancy centers where they exist and find and share other resources with pregnant and parenting women.

Our goals for WWMN at Sacred Heart Parish are to:

Support pregnant and parenting mothers and fathers

Supporting financially, emotionally, volunteering for pregnancy centers, seeking out those in need, and through prayer
Spread awareness of crisis pregnancies and how we can help
Share how we can help individually or as a parish
Host events to have community engagement
Partner with local organizations like Life Choices to aid them in what they need

If you would like to be involved in the Walking with Moms in Need group please get in touch with Abby Jones at 989-772-1385 or at 

Meals for Moms

Are you an expecting Mom or do you know someone who is? Walking with Moms offers Meal Train for Moms, where we will provide 5 meals after the birth of your baby. Please contact us through the form linked below so we can start planning your meals.

Meals for Moms Form

If you would like to help in preparing meals, please contact Abby Jones at or call 989-772-1385.